"Very informative and helpful program that I highly recommend for everyone suffering from social phobia. It encouraged me to really work on my disorder and I made huge progress! I've been going to a therapist and using medicine for quite a while but this I believe has been the most effective of all. "

– Guðrún (Iceland female, 19)

" Excellent resource, well worth it. I have tried many different CBT programs, workbooks, various therapists, and many different medications. AI-therapy has been the most effective of any of these!"

– CM (United States, 31)

"The AI Therapy program helped me realize all the anxiety I was having, and how much it was affecting my life. Having finished the program, I'm so much more happy and confident to participate in social situations. I liked that you could take it at your own pace, and take in the information in pieces that were tolerable to the individual. The voice recordings with each unit made it feel closer to traditional CBT"

– Sam (Canada, 18)

" Thank you for this considered and thorough approach to tackling social anxiety. I now have a framework with which to challenge my negative thoughts."

– Anonymous

" This is a great program that encompasses many different aspects of dealing with social anxiety. Having everything structured so well was really helpful and led to making meaningful gains with this program."

– Anonymous

" I think it's always good to find a different was of thinking when enmeshed in cognitive distortions. This program gave good behavioral exercises and worksheets to keep on track. I felt it was very comprehensive and had good exercises. Practice is the key."

– Anonymous

" I recently lost my sister, moved house and had bad news re my health. My old coping strategies for coping with my social anxiety ( such as humour ) failed me as I became so low in mood. I wasn't going out to locals shops , I was scared of what people thought of me and this paralysed me. The programme gave me the tools to challenge and change my behaviour and encouraged me again to be brave and playful . I still have some of my anxieties as I have always had but the social anxiety is not now crippling my life as much. Thankyou.

- the experiments were very helpful - I loved them and am going to continue setting challenges for myself
-I liked the therapist's addresses to us the users of the program
-I liked knowing others suffered form the same difficulties I do. Very good thank you both therapists.

No negative feedback at all. ."

– Anonymous

" Has good content in programme. I liked the scenarios and learning about what other people without anxiety would have thought of the same situation I was in for example missing the bus. Liked looking at different techniques to reduce anxiety."

– Stacey (21)

" Really comprehensive programme. The audio was a great feature really like the latter sections on perfectionism - think advertising that more would be good, thanks :) "

– Anonymous

"Social anxiety can become the invisible threat to your quality of life. The program can help you to regain a big part of your life one step at a time. I will continue to practice the skills I learned here and I hope to become a more complete version of myself. I liked how each section has both written and audio content. It was very organized and clear. The ebook is also great because the techniques require longterm practice. Thanks so much!"

– Anonymous

" Though I still suffer from some aspects of social anxiety, this program truly did help me overcome a lot of the thoughts I was having. I am not as afraid to go out and talk to people. I am definitely less concerned about what other people think of me. I have realized life is short, and any moment I am not enjoying it is a moment wasted."

– Amanda (Canada, 20)

" This program has given me the tools to start living the life I've always wanted!"

– Andrew (Canada, 20)

" Excellent and reasonably priced problem that is effective. My start and end scores showed a dramatic reduction in social anxiety to the extent that I no longer have sociall anxiety”

– Anoymous

"This program has changed my life”

– Helga (Iceland)

"I have read several books on the topic of social anxiety and the use of CBT to treat it in particular. I feel AI-Therapy is a very good overview of all the techniques used to treat social anxiety. For example, CBT alone does not address the problem of attention and how it plays a large role in social anxiety. Overall I found the course to be great and would definitely recommend it to others suffering from social anxiety. "

– Harry (New Zealand male, 28)

"Great program. Very accessible and helpful. Really liked the audio files as it felt like there was a personal connection to Ross and Fjola."

– Anonymous

"I have always been a very shy, anxious, and insecure person, and have missed out on many opportunities as a result. The social anxiety was crippling, and causing all kinds of turmoil in my life. Despite knowing that I had a serious problem, I was loathe to seek out conventional treatment. AI Therapy's anonymous and confidential form of treatment has been wonderful, and has helped me tremendously. I am immensely thankful for this program and would recommend it to anyone who suffers in these areas."

– John (Canadian male, age 23)

"For me the AI-Therapy program unleashed the mental barriers preventing me from experiencing and participating in life. I found it very soothing. It gave me the confidence to move forward and a feeling of wellness inside my own skin."

– Stu

"This program has helped me overcoming my anxiety. It is very easy to follow and gives you new positive insight into your unnessesary negative thoughts and worries. I highly recommend it!"

– Sigridur (Icelandic female, 62)

"The treatment program has benefited me a lot. This is done (more or less) from the comfort of your own home so there is no reason to be afraid. If you have social anxiety it is vital to address it. It becomes painfully clear when the program progresses how much of your life you spend on nothing if you have social anxiety. The sooner you deal with it, the more you will get out of life."

– Anonymous

"This is an excellent program. I'm glad that I did it. I've never been able to make the time commitment to therapy in real life so this was perfect for me."

– Kim (Australian female, age 45)

"The social anxiety self help program was really great! I was really scared to go and talk to someone about my problems, but this way I could do it right from home. Plus, I was able to work on the program any time of day which was really helpful since I work nights!"

– S.P. (American female, age 22)

"AI Therapy was a great way to get help with my anxiety. I was reluctant to see a therapist face-to-face at first, and felt I wasn't ready. AI Therapy was a great solution for me. The course was comprehensive and very clear. It really helped me move forward in my life and I feel so much more positive about the future now."

– D.B. (British male, age 38)

"AI-Therapy is convenient because you can access it at whatever time that suits you. As well as helping you to understand the underlying causes of social anxiety, it also focuses on overcoming anxieties that may arise common situations, making it easy to apply in day-to-day life."

– M.K. (Australian male, age 31)

"I got the opportunity to work with the AI-Therapy a few years after I had sought therapy in person for social anxiety. I wished when I was suffering from my debilitating social anxiety that I would have been able to get help like this. Working with AI-Therapy has been amazing. I was able to revisit some of the things I learned in actual therapy, and I also learned many new things."

– A.G. (Icelandic female, age 28)

" I found this progam to be very helpful. I have talked to physciatrists and I can say that I found this program just as useful. I feel a lot better after I started the program and I have definatley learned not to sweat the small stuff like I used to do before :)"

– Anonymous

"I found the AI-Therapy program extremely useful and very educational. I had no idea that my feelings of anxiety could be so well understood by professional clinical psychologists. By appreciating that my thoughts are the fuel that create anxiety, I now have a solid understanding of how I can live a happier life simply by making positive changes to my thought patterns. Thank you Fjola and Ross!"

– B.Y. (Canadian male, age 63)

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