How it works

Overcome Social Anxiety is a comprehensive and fully automated online treatment program that is built upon years of research and clinical experience. You are guided through a number of lessons designed to help you effectively target your anxiety. All pages include pre-recorded sound files from Ross and Fjola that explain the key concepts behind CBT and the other treatment strategies. Furthermore, some pages include videos of people talking about their experiences with social anxiety. The program creates a customized experience for you based on the symptoms you report at the start of the program. The system also includes exercises designed to target key aspects of your anxiety profile, and delivers automated feedback from Fjola and Ross in both written and audio formats.

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The program is made up of the following seven sections:

Section Description
Pre-questionnaires Four questionnaires that the system uses to learn about you, and your specific symptoms.
1. Thinking exercises You will learn about what causes us to feel anxious in certain situations, and are introduced to the key concepts behind CBT. This section also includes the "checklist of common cognitive errors".
2. Challenging your thinking In this section the program uses your responses from the questionnaires to identify some of your specific unhelpful thoughts. There are exercises for you to learn how to confront and challenge these thoughts.
3. Creating your model A model of social phobia is presented, and a personalized anxiety formulation is created for you based on your symptoms.
4. Behavioral experiments The individualized model created in the previous section is used to create a series of behavioral experiments. In these experiments, you go out into the real world and target some of the thoughts responsible for driving your anxieties.
5. Challenge your thinking further In this section you tackle the anger and frustration that is often associated with social anxiety. You also challenge your fears about people judging you and thinking negative thoughts about you.
6. Self-processing Several techniques, including mindfulness, attention training and re-scripting methods, are explained in detail to give you more confidence in social situations.
7. Relapse prevention You learn techniques that you can use for the rest of your life to maintain the benefits you've gained from using AI-Therapy.
Post-questionnaires Finally, you fill out the same set of questionnaires you completed when starting the program. You are presented with graphs that compare your symptoms before and after AI-Therapy to measure your improvement. You have now completed the program, and can download your personalized eBook for future reference.

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